Do you have a dream to own a mean machine? A dream to own car that will trail blaze in the minds of anyone who has seen it or heard it pass by? Speed Freaks is the only destination that can realise this dream for you. Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai is a car custom shop born to tickle a car enthusiast senses. Be it muscling your car up with performance or sprucing your car with stylised lighting and accessories or building that road thumping audio gear - Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai is your destination. At Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai we get an adrenaline jolt every time we embody your personality on to your car, and that has been our speciality. We consult and provide you with the best options and global brands to enable you to realise your dream. Our team of qualified audio engineers and technicians provide hi-quality workmanship and unmatched professionalism to gear you up to rev your dream.

Our international awards are testament to our exceptional professionalism.


Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai boast a team that consists of qualified audio engineers who have been certified by international mobile audio schools. With experience over a decade in the field, the team is well equipped to handle cars from hatchback to sedans to luxury SUV's to sports cars. The team can understand your needs, be it to please your acoustic temper or to let the world know that you have arrived on the road, the team will approach your needs scientifically and most importantly get your job done.

Process Driven

Backed by our academic approach to custom car installations, at Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai, our approach has always been process driven, right from calibrating your car systems with advanced equipment like RTA and many more precision devices to detailed testing of every nuance before hand over. Our nitpicking over details has assured us loyal customers, who swear by us for over a decade now!


The United States Auto Sound Competition International Awards constantly explores the market for talent and creativity.
This creativity, combined with our commitment to quality and service is what sets us apart from the rest in the business. This is why we are recognized as exceptional!
Our team is extremely proud of the recognition our superior design, innovation and quality has earned. We invite you to be a part of our journey forward.


  •  Custom Car Installation Chennai

    Audio Installation Chennai

    We believe that pre-fit car audio are made to sell the car rather than make car sound good. And there's exactly where it fails. The first impression of a pre-fitted car audio is impressive, it sounds bright and loud, sooner than later, you realise that all music sounds the same - boring and flat. Believe it or not, this can make your driving experience quiet tiring. We are strongly of the opinion that music should sound the way it is made. To ensure that acoustic quality of music is not compromised, we take great pains to arrange and seamlessly integrate every component there is; in the way it's suppose to be.

    We call it so as every car that we work on has been configured , installed and calibrated depending on the type of listener you are , genre of music you listen , where you sit in the car , utility of the car , features that you would like to integrate bearing in mind the electronics and acoustics of the car so that there are no trade offs.

  • Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai

    oem integration

    Do not risk losing the COMPANY WARRANTY on the various genuine parts your car comes with, by getting them fitted at non-professional dealerships! You may believe that you are saving money visiting a local audio component integrator, but consider this - is it really worth compromising your vehicle's warranty or worse, the safety of your vehicle itself? We understand the guidelines of each car manufacturer and have carefully pulled together work processes for each car, to ensure no wire are sliced or cut while we install OEM products, thereby ensuring that you retain your priced company warranty!

    Here at Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai we perform all forms of OEM integration including iPad/iPhone connectivity, USB connectivity, Bluetooth Integrations, Rear entertainment systems, Audio processor enhancement, Stereo control adaption and much more.

  • Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai


    Power enhancement , suspension and stability upgrades , braking enhancements , Lighting upgrade , forged wheels and many more . Everything that contributes towards enhancing your driving and securing your life is what we call as performance enhancements. When there are so many options available , make the best use of our expertise in making the right choice for your need.

  • Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai

    Car Styling

    Walk into our store and you would be lost in the myriad options that is available to style your car to your fancy. We deal in the finest accessories and body kits sourced from around the globe.

    We deal in finest accessories around the globe be it body kits, after market lamps, tints , wheels , bulbs, LED upgrades , car detailing products and other specialities .

  • Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai

    Seat covers and Upholstery

    We deal with the finest brand of seat covers which lets you customize right from the design, colour, type of stitches , colour of thread , type of install to swaroski studed logos of your choice all well crafted with finest of Italian leather. We also offer similar customisation for artificial upholstery .


Reverse camera integration
on Volvo S60

Here's Karthik from Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai talking about integrating Reverse Camera for Volvo S60. This feature unfortunately was absent as default even in such an high end car! He also talks about how SpeedFreaks has integrated the camera without cutting a single wire and thus avoiding the lapse of warranty.

Byte it NDTV Hindu

For automobile audio expert K. Karthikk Raj, no sound could have been more heart-warming than the cheering applause from peers — assembled at Tesco Lotus, an uber mall in Bangkok — for his top-prize winning installation.

A good sound system gives you more thrills than speed

says Karthikk Raj, a sound engineer who runs Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai, a store for customised audio installations and in-car entertainment.

March 2011, The Hindu,

Ready for a power drive?

K. Karthikk of Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai, a showroom in Anna Nagar that sells and installs high-end performance parts and accessories, says: "There is more awareness about high-end performance parts and accessories".

March 2011, Deccan Chronicle,


  • Karthikk of Speed Freaks Expert Car Audio Installation Chennai was the holy grail of my search for a complete audio solution for my car. My install sounds a far better than the outlay. One can't beat a person when his business also happens to be his passion and i should know it better than most.

    Vivek (Tecrack Racing)
  • I recently, bought a new car and wanted to upgrade the audio system desperately. Having been in the car audio business in the past, I was looking for a shop I felt comfortable with leaving my car at and was also looking for a shop with an experienced crew. After a little searching, I realized that speed freaks in Anna nagar fit the bill just right and decided to drop off my car for all-out audio upgrade! Karthikk at speedfreaks, came across as a sincere, hard working professional and his crew also exhibited a good level of professionalism. Over, a very pleasant experience and the audio install now 4 months old, Sounds great. Good work all the very best.

    Deepak Asrani
  • I have been installing music system in my cars since 1978, a time when stereo systems in cars in Chennai city were a rarity. With only two or three shops in chennai who only knew how to install a mono radio player, I had to literally sit with them and guide them to install a stereo system it in my car. My recent experience with Speedfreaks has been wonderful. Karthikk an audio enthusiast himself does his home work well before advising his clients with recommendations. He has very innovative approach in installing music systems, but the point is that he gets it right. Good work all the very best.

    Ramesh Kumar
  • You did a gr8 job with my car. The work was very professional, neat & tidy. You are very personable, friendly. It is so refreshing to see someone with such intense knowledge on whatever they do (A rare thing today). Your solutions were customized and met my needs to the max. You are more interested in satisfying customers with amazing results than just pursuing business. That’s a gr8 work attitude. Thanks so much. Your work was nothing short of Fantastic!. Guys we have a top notch audio installer in Chennai….Im sure none of you will be disappointed.


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